Unlawful Colorado Recount Set To Begin


December 2, 2022 

Denver, CO – On November 30th, the Secretary of State announced a recount for Colorado’s US House District 3. According to Colorado Statute 1-10.5-101.1(b) a mandatory recount is required. Secretary Griswold states, “… counties will work with their bipartisan canvass boards to complete a Logic and Accuracy test (LAT) on the required tabulation equipment.” What she does not acknowledge is the requirement by state law on the correct procedure for conducting the test of the tabulation machines.

The law explicitly states that the recount be conducted per Colorado Statute 1-10.5-102.3(a)(b) not a LAT nor simple ‘re-scan’ of the ballots. The law prescribes the use of voter-verified paper ballots to be used and not randomly filled out test ballots as in a LAT. 

Statute 1-10.5-102.3(a) states, “… The [canvass] board shall use the voting devices it has selected to conduct a comparison of the machine count of the ballots counted on each such voting device for the candidate race, ballot issue, or ballot question to the corresponding manual count of the voter-verified paper records.” 

Statute 1-10.5-102.3(b) goes on to state, “… If the results of the comparison of the machine count and the manual count in accordance with the requirements of subsection (3)(a) of this section are not identical, … the voter-verified paper records will be used for a final determination …”. 

Nowhere in the statute, which overrides election rule, is it stated that test ballots, i.e. LAT, are to be used as a method of testing instead of the prescribed lawful use of the voter’s paper ballot. The law is clear. Criminal liability of each and every clerk in Colorado will be incurred if they follow the Secretary of State and Dominion’s directive in lieu of the law. 

We, a group of citizen voters from all counties in Colorado, are looking for transparency and honesty in our state elected officials. We demand that any recount be conducted according to the Colorado state law, rather than Jena Griswold’s imposed election rules in violation of the law, and nothing less.